11 october 2021

Timeslot 1 (12:00 – 13:00 CEST / UTC+2)

Introductory session Chair: Peter Bednar

  • Welcome speech 12:00-12:30
  • Per Flensburg. Scandinavian approaches in systems development 12:30 – 13:00 (pdf) (presentation)

Timeslot 2 (13:00 – 18:40 CEST / UTC+2)

Presentation sessions. Each presentation is 10 min followed by 10 min discussion. Please log in at least 5 minutes before your session time slot.

Session 1Chair: Alessio Maria Braccini
(13:00 – 14:40 CEST / UTC+2)

  • How do Bitcoin Users Manage Their Private Keys? Gunnar Lindgvist, Joakim Kävrestad, Dennis Modig and Ali Padyab (pdf)
  • Consulting the Oracle at Delphi – Combining Risk I and Risk II in Cyber Security Richard McEvoy and Stewart Kowalski (pdf)
  • A case study of a municipality phishing attack measures – towards a socio-technical incident management framework Grethe Østby and Stewart James Kowalski (pdf)
  • Multi-Paradigmatic Approaches in Cybersecurity Economics Mazaher Kianpour, Stewart Kowalski and Harald Øverby (pdf)

Session 2Chair: Anna Sigridur Islind
(15:00 – 16:40 CEST / UTC+2)

  • Freelancers 4.0: the impacts of freelancers on the adoption of Industry 4.0 under a socio-technical perspective Emanuele Gabriel Margherita and Jérôme Sulbout (pdf)
  • A socio-technical perspective of the visions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: An analysis of the Industry 4.0, the socially sustainable factory of Operator 4.0 and Industry 5.0 visions Emanuele Gabriel Margherita and Alessio Maria Braccini (pdf)
  • Informal leaders and their influence within information system organisations in developing countries: A case study in Mexico Edgar Hernandez-Rojas, Ahmed Imran and Luke Nguyen-Hoan (pdf)

Session 3Chair: Alexander Nolte
(17:00 – 18:40 CEST / UTC+2)

  • Success Factors and Challenges in Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement. Milagros Cervantes Mori, Joakim Kävrestad and Marcus Nohlberg (pdf)
  • Citizen science and socio-technical perspective: reflection on a possible integration. Andrea Spasiano (pdf)
  • Crowd Dynamics in Internal Crowdsourcing: insights from Higher Education Gianluigi Viscusi and Christopher Tucci (pdf)
  • Skullduggery in peer-to-peer networks and the need for a new cyber-social theory. Donna Champion (pdf)

12 october 2021

Timeslot 3 (09:30 – 10:00 CEST / UTC+2)

Introductory session day 2 Chair: Fatema Zaghloul

  • Robert Winter: Beyond Incentives and Sanctions – Extending the Portfolio of IS Coordination by Systematic Design of Informal Interventions (pdf)

Timeslot 4 (10:00 –  CEST / UTC+2)

Parallel presentation sessions. Each presentation is 10min followed by 10min discussion. Please log in at least 5 minutes before your session time slot.

Session 4Chair: Peter Bednar
(10:00 – 11:40 CEST / UTC+2)

  • Heuristic-based Evaluation for Socio-technical Systems Felix Thewes, Thomas Herrmann and Marina Konrad (pdf)
  • The Fly in the Soup: A Critical Realism Perspective on the Role of the Engaged Researcher Helena Vallo Hult, Anna Sigridur Islind, Livia Norström and Sara Willermark (pdf) (presentation)
  • De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum, but Usability is Not a Matter of Taste Mikko Rajanen (pdf

Session 5Chair: Helena Vallo Hult
(12:00 – 13:40 CEST / UTC+2)

  • A Holistic Approach of how to handle Patient Information to support Seamless and Secure care. Eva Söderström, Nomie Eriksson and Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt (pdf)
  • Development of an IT-supported Anti-Fraud-Framework for SMEs – Architectural Concept for a Risk Management by Using the MTO-Approach Michaela Trierweiler (pdf)
  • Is cyber-security the new lifeboat? An exploration of the employee’s perspective of cyber-security within the cruise ship industry. Victoria Knight and Moufida Sadok (pdf)
  • Governing Online Terrorist Propaganda: A societal security issue. Victoria Alexandra Jangada Correia and Moufida Sadok (pdf

Session 6Chair: Aurelio Ravarini
(14:00 – 15:40 CEST / UTC+2)

  • Exploring digitalisation in agriculture through socio-technical perspectives. Chiara Cagnetti and Alessio Maria Braccini (pdf)
  • Unmasking the Drivers and Implementation of Change. Fatema Zaghloul and Peter Bednar (pdf)
  • Gender equality: the need for explicit address and actions in ICT and STS agendas. Laura Tarantino and Antinisca Di Marco (pdf)

Timeslot 5 (15:40 – 16:00 CEST / UTC+2)

Closing remarksChair: Anna Sigridur Islind

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